Eddie Seal
May 24, 2024

How to buy $EDSE (Eddie Seal) token

How to buy $EDSE (Eddie Seal) token
Purchasing EDSE tokens is simple but requires a few steps. We describe them below.
We recommend using a computer to purchase EDSE.

  1. Add the Phantom Wallet extension to your Google Chrome browser by visiting phantom.app. Open your account in the Phantom wallet and save the generated words.
  2. Buy Solana (SOL) on an exchange like Binance and send it to your Solana Phantom wallet address. You can find your Phantom wallet address by clicking on the list of currencies in Solana > Receive > Copy.
  3. Click on the "Buy Eddie Seal token $EDSE" button on the eddieseal.org homepage or go directly to the Jupiter exchange: Jupiter Link. Remember to do this in the Chrome browser where you have the Phantom wallet.
  4. Click the "Connect Wallet" button. Choose Phantom and follow the instructions to connect.
  5. You should see SOL in the "You’re paying" field and EDSE in the "To receive" field. If you do not see this, manually select SOL in the upper field and paste the EDSE token address: 2Zvo6bnwJtyXhsPgbcfajTrEtB7NwrJhK8mMmtEXvHHc in the lower field.
  6. Choose the amount of SOL you want to exchange for EDSE. Confirm the swap by clicking the SWAP button. When Phantom asks to sign the transaction, sign it.

That's it! If you have followed all the steps correctly, you should have EDSE in your wallet.

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