Eddie Seal
May 5, 2024

Eddie Seal Hunger Games

Eddie Seal Hunger Games

Eddie Seal wants to make some waves outside the online world and is calling on you to get in on the action. Got a big game, a concert that’s gonna rock, or a parade that’s all kinds of grand? Show up rocking a seal logo and you could rake in a hefty pile of $EDSE tokens — think thousands of bucks’ worth. We’ll spill all the juicy details later.

That 2019 Champions League final? Might not have been a classic on the pitch, but Kinsey Wolanski sure caught everyone’s eye with her sprint across the field. UEFA even gave her props in their own way with a framed ticket from the game.

Wolanski’s stunt was all about giving her guy’s YouTube and her Insta a mega boost — and boy, did it work.

Eddie’s here to back the bold and the adventurous, ready to rep our cute seal at the big games. Keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter, 'cause we’ll be dropping hints about the sweet rewards we’ve got lined up for anyone who shows off Eddie Seal. We’re talking anywhere from 10 grand to 50 grand in $EDSE tokens.

Oh, and if you've got big boobs, expect an extra chunky bonus, no matter whether you're a man or a woman.

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