Eddie is a reckless gambler.
Just a normal guy.

Eddie Seal is a memecoin. Let's be friends.
CA: 2Zvo6bnwJtyXhsPgbcfajTrEtB7NwrJhK8mMmtEXvHHc
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As our market cap goes up, we're gonna hype Eddie Seal in crazier and crazier ways.

Round #1

<25M marketcap

marketing budget: $250,000

The first round is financed with the Team and Presale money. The goal of the round is to build the first community around Eddie. We don't want to sell marketing tokens that are just gaining momentum.

Round #2

50M marketcap

marketing budget: $500,000

In the second round, our marketing budget's jumping to $500,000. Got a big sports event finale coming up? Show up with the Eddie Seal logo and we'll pay you $50,000! We'll make sure the whole thing gets plenty of media coverage by also funding the publicity.

Round #3

100M marketcap

marketing budget: $1,500,000

The third round includes hanging a huge Eddie Seal banner on a skyscraper in the center of a big city. We'll also be dropping $1.5 million on partnerships with influencers, and not just those in the crypto scene.

Round #4

250M marketcap

marketing budget: $6,250,000

Things are getting serious now. This round includes a 10x BMW M4 lottery for tokenholders, sponsoring the four biggest esports tournaments, and slapping our gambler-seal logo at a concert of someone right at the top of the music industry.

Round #5

500M marketcap

marketing budget: $17,500,000

With a bigger budget come bigger moves. This round, we're organizing a money spending competition for tokenholders, creating hot air balloons shaped like Eddie, and using them to cover the sky.

Round #6

1 BLN marketcap

marketing budget: $40,000,000

The magic threshold has been crossed. In this episode, we're sponsoring an F1 team, hosting a concert with tickets for just 1 $EDSE, and visiting MrBeast with a proposal to give away money to people.


Simple tokenomy, marketing-focused.

✔ 0% tax
✔ LP burned
✔ Mint revoked
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