<25M marketcap

We're kicking things off by building our first community. The team's pitching in $250,000 of their own and presale cash for this. The goal? Hit the first 10,000 Eddie Seal followers on Twitter and make some noise.

$EDSE Marketcap
% of the marketing pool relative to all tokens
Value of tokens in a marketing pool
% of tokens for sale in the round
Budget for marketing round

Marketing budget for this round:



Eddie Seal tattoo contest

We'll give out $350 in &EDSE tokens to anyone who gets a Eddie Seal tattoo and sends us the video. For an Eddie tattoo on the head, we’re paying $500! The first 25 people to do so will receive this reward.


Eddie Seal meme content factory

We will pay in $EDSE tokens for high-quality memes and animations that we'll share on our Twitter/X and Instagram. Any creator who sends us a funny, quality graphic will receive $500 in $EDSE tokens. For each animation that catches our fancy, we'll pay $2,500 in $EDSE tokens. Let's get to work, folks!


Crypto media & Influencers

Sponsored articles, press releases, display ads, and collaborations with influencers. Our activities need to be consistently featured by top media outlets to accelerate our journey towards a $1 billion valuation.