1B marketcap

The magic threshold has been crossed. In this episode, we're sponsoring an F1 team, hosting a concert with tickets for just 1 $EDSE, and visiting MrBeast with a proposal to give away money to people.

$EDSE Marketcap
% of the marketing pool relative to all tokens
Value of tokens in a marketing pool
% of tokens for sale in the round
Budget for marketing round

Marketing budget for this round:


Planned [Main goal]

Eddie Seal Cartoon

We will create a cartoon in the style of Rick and Morty or Family Guy. This way, despite the tokens from the marketing pool running out, we will have funds for further marketing of Eddie.
We want to see Eddie Seal cartoon on Netflix!


F1 - worlds fastest Seal

Doge sponsored a NASCAR team, and now Eddie will sponsor an F1 team. The chubby seal is stepping into the spotlight.



Would MrBeast agree to partner with a memecoin? We haven't asked him yet, but in round 6, we plan to propose that he spends $3 million on our behalf for an awesome cause.


Drake new song

Would Drake be tempted by $1 million to drop a verse about Eddie Seal in his new song? Or maybe we should ask Ed Sheeran or Travis Scott instead?


Eddie Seal meme content factory

We will pay in $EDSE tokens for high-quality memes and animations that we'll share on our Twitter/X and Instagram. Any creator who sends us a funny, quality graphic will receive $750 in $EDSE tokens. For each animation that catches our fancy, we'll pay $3,500 in $EDSE tokens. Let's get to work, folks!


Crypto media & Influencers

Sponsored articles, press releases, display ads, and collaborations with influencers. Our activities need to be consistently featured by top media outlets to accelerate our journey towards a $1 billion valuation.