500M marketcap

With a bigger budget come bigger moves. This round, we're organizing a money spending competition for tokenholders., creating hot air balloons shaped like Eddie, and using them to cover the sky.

$EDSE Marketcap
% of the marketing pool relative to all tokens
Value of tokens in a marketing pool
% of tokens for sale in the round
Budget for marketing round

Marketing budget for this round:



Money spending competition

We'll be handing out 10,000 payment cards to $EDSE tokenholders, all linked to one fat bank account. Every day, we'll randomly drop anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000 into it. This wild ride will last 14 days. No online shopping—cash withdrawals at ATMs only. First come, first served, so be quick!


Harry Styles Wembley Concert

We're organizing a Harry Styles concert with tickets costing just 1 $EDSE. Do you think we can fill the entire stadium?


Hot Air Balloon Festival in Turkey

We'll order 20 hot air balloons from and then we'll send them to a balloon festival in Turkey and other festivals in different countries, such as the Albuquerque Festival in the USA or Château-d'Ex in Switzerland.


Eddie Seal meme content factory

We will pay in $EDSE tokens for high-quality memes and animations that we'll share on our Twitter/X and Instagram. Any creator who sends us a funny, quality graphic will receive $750 in $EDSE tokens. For each animation that catches our fancy, we'll pay $3,500 in $EDSE tokens. Let's get to work, folks!


Crypto media & Influencers

Sponsored articles, press releases, display ads, and collaborations with influencers. Our activities need to be consistently featured by top media outlets to accelerate our journey towards a $1 billion valuation.