250M marketcap

Things are getting serious now. This round includes a 10x BMW M4 lottery for tokenholders, sponsoring the four biggest esports tournaments, and slapping our gambler-seal logo at a concert of someone right at the top of the music industry.

$EDSE Marketcap
% of the marketing pool relative to all tokens
Value of tokens in a marketing pool
% of tokens for sale in the round
Budget for marketing round

Marketing budget for this round:



10x BMW M4 lottery for tokenholders

We will be giving away 10 BMW M4s to $EDSE tokenholders. It will be a lottery with financial fair play; the wealthy will not have an advantage over those with fewer tokens. The entire event will take place in a studio with a committee. We will live stream the drawing of paper tickets on the channel of a well-known influencer. You can sign up through once we reach a market cap of $250M.


eSport sponsoring

Eddie Seal will sponsor the four biggest esports tournaments with $500,000 each.

These will be:
- League of Legends World Championship
- Fortnite Championship Series
- CS2 PGL Major
- Free Fire World Series


Eddie Seal tournée

Would $1 million convince Taylor Swift to feature Eddie on her guitar at a Wembley concert? Maybe Dua Lipa will show up at her show with Eddie stickers on her butt? Miley Cyrus would probably agree to it sooner.


Eddie Seal meme content factory

We will pay in $EDSE tokens for high-quality memes and animations that we'll share on our Twitter/X and Instagram. Any creator who sends us a funny, quality graphic will receive $750 in $EDSE tokens. For each animation that catches our fancy, we'll pay $3,500 in $EDSE tokens. Let's get to work, folks!


Crypto media & Influencers

Sponsored articles, press releases, display ads, and collaborations with influencers. Our activities need to be consistently featured by top media outlets to accelerate our journey towards a $1 billion valuation.